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onishifoods Strawberry Flavor Rice Cookie
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Onishifoods Strawberry Flavor Rice Cookie 8 cookies/box ×48packets[ONI]

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This cookie free of specific allergens in the 27-item list and nuts.

A scrumptious strawberry-flavored cookie that melts in your mouth! It uses rice flour produced in Niigata Prefecture and is free of wheat, dairy and egg ingredients.

They can be stored for 5 years at room temperature.

[Item] Onishifoods 48 packets of rice cookies, each box containing 8 cookies

[Contents] 48 packets of rice cookies, each box(48g) containing 8 cookies

[Ingredients] Rice flour (Niigata Prefecture), margarine, corn flour, sugar, rice shortening (rice oil), strawberry paste, cornstarch / flavoring