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Onishi's Rice Cookies
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Onishifoods 48 Packet of 8 Onishi's Rice Cookies (keeps for 5 years)[ONI]

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* Due to the substantial increase in production costs and inflation in cost of raw materials, etc., the purchase price is adjusted accordingly.

These cookies are not made with any of the 27 designated raw materials (allergens).

Made with Niigata rice flour and coconut and containing no wheat, milk, or eggs, these cookies melt in your mouth and are delicious and crunchy.

They can be stored for 5 years at room temperature.

[Item] Onishifoods 48 packets of rice cookies, each box containing 8 cookies

[Contents] 48 packets of rice cookies, each box(48g) containing 8 cookies

[Ingredients] Rice flour (made in Niigata), rice shortening (rice oil), sugar, sweetened coconut puree, almond powder, fermented seasoning (rice, salt), shaved coconut