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Alpha Rice is a unique rice that is perfectly steamed and then dried, so you can make delicious rice dishes simply by adding hot or cold water. No steaming required!

The "Alpha" in "Alpha Rice" refers to the state of the starch contained in the rice. Rice is made up of 70% to 80% starch. Raw starch (raw rice) tastes bad when eaten as is, but when you add water and heat it, it turns into delicious and easily digestible starch. This is called "gelatinization," or "alpha modification."
If you rapidly dry Alpha modified rice and remove the moisture, the starch does not return to raw starch, and instead remains as alpha modified starch.
Then, you can just add hot water to this Alpha Rice to make a succulent, delicious rice dish without the need for steaming.
Alpha Rice can easily be stored for long periods of time, so it is good as emergency food to prepare for disasters, and makes an excellent portable food for international travelers or mountain climbers. It has a broad range of uses.

The rice can be stored for five years at room temperature.
The expiration date is large and easy to read.

Make supple rice in just 15 minutes with hot water, or 60 minutes with cold water.

We offer products that do not use raw materials specified as allergens.
Our antiallergic foods are;White rice, wakame (seaweed) rice, inaka (country style) rice, and red rice.

Each package comes with a spoon, so you do not need any dishes or utensils.

Alpha rice is made with 100% domestically produced rice.
The breed of rice varies by product.

With consideration for customers with allergies, Onisi developed Alpha Rice products that do not contain any of the 27 designated raw materials (allergens). Furthermore, in order to minimize the possibility of contamination from these 27 designated allergens, we package the hypoallergenic products on a dedicated packaging line. In addition, we carefully manage production by conducting periodic tests for allergens in order to provide safe and secure products.

List of Alpha Rice products not containing any of the 27 designated allergens
- Rice series: White rice
- Rice series: Red rice
- Rice series: Wakame rice
- Rice series: Inaka rice
- Onisi's rice cookies

Some Alpha Rice products have Halal certification, indicating that they conform to Islamic doctrines of food preparation. We hope to provide worry-free eating opportunities for our Muslim customers as well.

List of Halal products
- Rice series: White rice
- Rice series: Red rice
- Rice series: Inaka rice

Open the package
Open the package and spread out the bottom of the bag to stand it up.

Remove the utensils
Remove the "Ageless" deoxygenizing preservative packet and spoon.
* Some products also contain a seasoning powder packet.

Add hot or cold water
Fill the packet with hot or cold water to the fill line.

Stir the rice so that the flavoring mixes well with the rice.
* Mix products with seasoning powder well so that the powder dissolves.

Close the package
Close the zip closure at the top of the bag and wait until the rice is ready.
* Approximate wait time for hot water is 15 minutes (20 minutes for red rice) and 60 minutes for cold water (15°C).

Open the zip top, stir gently, bringing food that has settled to the bottom to the top, and enjoy!

Click the banner below to watch a video on how to make Alpha Rice and rice balls.