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Yui Canning

Yui Canning

The White Ship label was created about 30 years ago by our company's employees, who wanted to create foods that they, themselves would most want to eat. This specialty product is made by selecting the highest quality ingredients, with a careful commitment to production and curing processes.

Commitment to our products

The highest quality ingredients

These cans are packed with the best ingredients - only the purest white meat from high-quality summer albacore tuna. We only use fish caught during the spring and summer months when it is particularly fatty and has a soft texture.

Made with quality oil

We use high-quality cottonseed and olive oils to bring out the true flavors of our carefully selected tuna.
Both oils go well with tuna and bring out mellow flavors when the meat cures in it. The oil tastes delicious when eaten with the meat. We are sure you'll enjoy it.

Slowly and carefully cured to perfection

The longer that tuna is cured in oil, the more it mixes with the oil to bring out mellow, delicious flavors.
Our canned tuna is kept from shipping for six months after it is made so that it can cure and the flavors can be enhanced.
This curing time, made possible by the excellent ingredients we use, is what brings out this specialty flavor.

Serving suggestions

Canned tuna is a product that has come to be beloved worldwide. It is used in a variety of dishes, prepared in a variety of ways.
As you know, it is a perfect ingredient to add to salads,pasta, and rice dishes.

Difference between solid and chunk tuna

In the United States and Europe, it is common for tuna to be packed as a solid piece of meat. This style is called "solid" in those countries, or "fancy"in Japan. In Japan, it is also popular to break the meat into smaller pieces before canning. This is called "flake" tuna in Japan and "chunk" tuna in the United States and Europe. Chunk tuna is still somewhat uncommon abroad, but it is a delicious canning method because it allows for the canning oil to better mingle with the fish meat.

Our values

You cannot see the inside of a canned good until you open it.We are aware of the nature of our product, and strive night and day to create products that will have excellent quality when the can is opened. Our customers' trust in us is the first thing on our minds when we manufacture and sell our goods.